What is BOTOX® Cosmetic?

Botulinum Toxin Type A, produced by Allergan, or BOTOX® is a medication that is used to treat dynamic winkles such as crow's feet* forehead lines, and frown lines. BOTOX® can also be used on the lower face to treat the muscles that cause tiny lines around the mouth, the sad lines at the comers of the mouth, as well as aging appearance of the neck. BOTOX® Cosmetic works by relaxing the facial muscles, creating a smoother more refreshed appearance.


Is it safe?

YES! Botulinum Toxin Type A is a purified protein that is extracted from a naturally occurring bacteria and processes under strict pharmaceutical manufacturing guidelines. The cosmetic use of BOTOX® has been FDA approved.


How long does the procedure take?

Generally after consultation, the procedure takes a few minutes. Since there is no down time the procedure can be performed during a lunch hour.


How is it done? Does it hurt?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is injected with a very tiny needle and a delicate syringe. Most of our patients say the injections feel similar to a little pinch or tiny pinprick. Anesthetic is not required and the treatment only takes approximately 5-10 minutes to perform.


How quickly can I see results?

Results are normally noticed within 7-10 days, but it may take as long as two weeks before the full effect of the treatment is realized.


I don't want to look frozen" without any expression - will that happen?

NO. Our expert clinical staff is trained to restore a natural, youthful facial balance. We understand patients simply want to look NATURAL, RELAXED, and REFRESHED, without looking frozen.


How long does BOTOX® Cosmetic last? Is it permanent?

BOTOX® Cosmetic is not permanent. It lasts between 3-4 months on average, but results may vary. Sci­entific studies show that when you have your first three treatments every three months, subsequent treat­ments will last longer and possibly even require lower dosing. Patients who adhere to a prompt treatment schedule can stabilize their treatment at approximately two to three times a year.


Is it going to be worse when it wears off?

NO. A patient's appearance will never get worse if BOTOX® cosmetic use is stopped or when it wears off. When used in cosmetic therapy BOTOX® "stops or slows" the clock of aging. When treatments are stopped, the 'aging clock" resumes like normal. At the very minimum, the patient's appearance will simply return to where it started. If patients use BOTOX® Cosmetic for a number of years and then stop, the will receive a lasting benefit as it will take time for the muscles to return to baseline.


Are there any side effects?

Side effects of BOTOX® Cosmetic are RARE and NOT PERMANENT. Rarely, there can be some minor bruising (which is easily covered up with make up), redness, swelling, or a slight short-term headache. As with any injections, bleeding, infection, or allergic reaction can occur. Certain patients can develop anti­bodies to BOTOX®, which may reduce the effectiveness in subsequent injections. Most patients, however, do not experience any side effects at all.


How much does it cost?

Dr. Ford is trained to analyze your individual facial anatomy and then formulate the BOTOX® dose that will give you the best cosmetic enhancement and longevity. Since each patient's cosmetic concerns and facial anatomy are unique, the BOTOX® dosage and treatment cost would best be determined in an indi­vidualized consultation.


I am currently pregnant/breast feeding- Can I get BOTOX®?

NO. It is recommended that patients wait until they are finished breast-feeding to have BOTOX® Cosmetic. Although there is no clinical evidence to prove any harm to mother or baby, we prefer to be safe.





Dr. Ford is trained to use BOTOX® Cosmetic to achieve a natural, relaxed, youthful appearance. BOTOX® relaxes the facial muscles, thereby softening or reducing the wrinkling typically associated with negative expression such as worry, anger, and fatigue. Patients are still able to smile and express them­selves. BOTOX® is not effective for the treatment of wrinkles unrelated to muscle contraction or wrinkles resulting from loose or aging skin.


BOTOX® Cosmetic is a FDA approved, safe prescription drug which is used to reduce or minimize facial wrinkles in the area it is applied. Botulinum Toxin Type A, or BOTOX® Cosmetic, is a processed purified protein. When it is injected into a muscle, it temporarily prevents the release of chemical messengers, which make the muscle contract. This effect generally lasts three to four months.


BOTOX® has been approved to treat certain medical conditions such as strabismus (crossed eyes), blepha­rospasm (eyelid spasm), cervical dystonia (spastic muscle disorder with the neck) and motor disorders of the facial nerves. BOTOX® was FDA approved for the cosmetic treatment of forehead wrinkles caused by the muscles of facial expression in April of 2002. Other areas of the face and body such as crow's feet and neckbands may be treated in an "off-label" fashion. Other medical "off-label" uses of BOTOX® include migraine headaches, colorectal disorders, excessive hand and armpit perspiration, and musculoskeletal pain disorders. Both tension and migraine headaches have been improved following BOTOX® treatment. Some insurances cover BOTOX® treatments for medical uses, Medicare does not.

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